LabPartner, LLC was founded under a simple premise – better patient care and a better business model.

This translates into an organization that constantly improves and challenges the status quo. For instance, we have made significant capital technology investments to use vacuum sealed tubes for urine specimen collection. No mess for your staff, and no spillage during transport to the lab. Since several urine tests are usually shipped together, this results in possible cross contamination during transport.

Other companies may spend 6-8 hours manually transferring the urine into the test trays, often resulting in false positives. LabPartner has implemented the use of barcode technology to label each tube speeding the process of preparing each sample for testing, while reducing or eliminating the possibility of false positives due to human error.

Tests are run using state of the art Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS) test equipment.

Furthermore, our unique boutique lab concept allows a more localized connection between the clinic and the laboratory providing benefit for healthcare professionals, including:

  • Ability to contact the scientists in the lab for technical assistance, so the practitioner can obtain help with interpreting test results or determining which panel(s) to order.
  • Local support team to ensure samples are accurately processed for delivery to the lab.
  • Time from collection to lab can be dramatically reduced—usually within 24 hours.
  • Customized testing requirements can be facilitated based on localized needs and requirements.